How it all started.


In 1984 Veterans Cable was incorporated with the motto “Don’t forget the Vietnam Vet”. This was an uncertain time for both Vietnam Veterans and the cable industry, alike.  The Vietnam Veteran was not fully accepted as they were participants in an unpopular war. The cable industry and Vietnam Veterans both, needed to enhance their image to the public.

Veterans Cable was established for 3 primary reasons:

1) to become a professional subcontractor, perform installations and other services for the  cable industry.

2) to provide employment opportunities to Vietnam Veterans.

3) to change the misperception held by society about Vietnam Veterans.

Veterans Cable was comprised exclusively of Veterans. These employees were making an attempt to get on with their lives by serving the cable industry in the same proud fashion that they served their country.

Through years of hard work these objectives were to a great extent, achieved and the company eventually suspended operations…

Veterans Cable Today:

Veterans Cable still hires exclusively Veterans and supports the new and ever-changing technology industry. The need still exists to provide career opportunities to Veterans. We hold the belief that across America companies should be able to commit to hiring 10% Veterans. We also believe that the general population of America is supportive of military personnel regardless of their internal feelings harbored about war itself.  Veterans bring a tremendous amount of experience to the table with their intensive training, discipline, and work ethic. But also, they are driven, punctual, quick learners, able to handle pressure and difficult situations, as well as team oriented.  The new motto of Veterans Cable today over 30 years later is:

To say “Thank you for your service” is not enough. Hire or Help a Vet!