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Veterans Cable Services, Inc. is collaborating with Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, Inc. to provide service canines to veterans who suffer from physical disabilities or cognitive challenges.

The Veterans Administration estimates in part because of physical and traumatic injuries sustained, that 22 of our brave heroes commit suicide every day.

The goal of “Life Changing  Service Dogs for Veterans” is to provide, over time, service dogs to 22 veterans. The cost of each dog averages $22,000 – which pays for food, veterinary care, and 1,500 hours of training for these magnificent animals. It takes about 2 years to train a service dog. In theory if we are successful in accomplishing our goal, maybe there will be at least one day without suicide in our veteran population.

To help make a difference in a veterans life, through mans best friend, visit Life Changing Service Dogs for Veterans’ website at lifechangingservicedogsforveterans.org to make a contribution or see other ways you can help the cause.

Multiple deployments into combat zones, explosions by roadside bombs, perpetual stress of combat operations, compiled with repeated tours of duty away from their loved ones have taken its toll on the American warrior as well as on their family. These conditions have caused many veterans to have traumatic brain injuries (TBI) or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Some suffer from both. These traumas are often complicated by physical injuries. While drugs and therapy may help, these service dogs have proven to have an immediate and profound effect on recipients – assisting them in mitigating the effects of their injury, reducing their dependence on chemical treatments, and helping them to once again live their lives with independence and self-worth.

It’s not a miracle, but it’s the closest thing we’ve seen.

Our strategy for raising money is to focus on the continued remembrance of the number 22. While any amount will be accepted and is greatly appreciated, we are hoping to solicit contributions that recognize the number 22: $22, $220, $2200. Whether you are an individual, a family, a fraternal or social organization, business or foundation, you can help stop 22 suicides.

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